November 4, 2020--

How Important Is a Police Report After a Car Crash, and How Do I Get It?

Police reports are essential documents in the personal injury claim process. They are vital evidence in a car crash and can significantly influence an injury case. Plaintiffs can use the information collected by police at the accident scene to support their personal injury claim. It can help them prove how and when the accident happened and whether their injuries directly resulted from the crash.

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What Information Is Included in a Car Crash Police Report?

A police report is a written document often created by the responding law enforcement officer at the accident scene. The police report often includes the following relevant information:

  • The place where the car crash occurred.
  • The date and time of the car crash.
  • Weather and road conditions.
  • Details like address, phone numbers, license plate, and insurance.
  • Damages to the cars involved.
  • Injuries sustained by the victims.
  • Witness statements and contact details.
  • Diagram showing the path of the vehicle and collision point.
  • Law violations or citations, if any.
  • In some cases, the officer’s opinions or conclusions regarding how or why the accident might have occurred.

Whether a car accident involves minor or catastrophic injuries, calling the police at the accident scene is highly recommended. If your version of events matches the police report, it can make your chances of a successful outcome much more probable if you file an injury claim.

There is a considerable likelihood that the other driver in a car collision will contest liability. To recover your losses, however, you’ll need proof to show that you weren’t at fault. No matter how small a collision looks, do call the police at the accident scene immediately. Police reports are official evidence that can help you establish the liability and strengthen your claim.

How Do I Get a Copy of the Police Report After a Car Crash?

A police report is a summary of vital information regarding the crash, and we can get it in multiple ways. One option is to pay a small administrative fee and request a copy of the report from the local police enforcement agency. The second option is to contact the insurance adjuster in charge of your claim for a complimentary copy. The best way is to let your personal injury attorney handle your case; you may focus only on getting healthy.

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