Sacramento Superior Court

The Gordon D. Schaber Downtown Courthouse of the Sacramento Superior Court houses the main administrative offices of the court, as well as containing trial courtrooms, the department of the Presiding Judge, and the general civil and criminal case processing support units.

Three buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Downtown Courthouse also provide court services. Located at 800 9th Street are Departments 53 and 54, hearing general civil law and motion matters. Located at 800 9th Street on the first floor is Department 59 where general civil settlement conferences are heard. The Erickson Building is located at 520 9th Street where civil matters are heard in Departments 57 and 58.

Small Claims

Here are the instructions on how to fill out and file your small claims. Of course, we can always assist you with this.

State Bar of California

Founded in 1927 by the legislature, the State Bar of California is an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court. All lawyers practicing in California must be members of the State Bar. The mission of the State Bar: “Preserve and improve our justice system in order to ensure a free and just society under the law.”

California Insurance Commissioner

Insurance is an $80 billion-a-year industry in California. Overseeing the industry and protecting the state’s insurance consumers is the responsibility of the California Department of Insurance (CDI). The CDI regulates, investigates and audits insurance business to ensure that companies remain solvent and meet their obligations to insurance policyholders.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing manages the administrative part of enforcing the anti-discrimination and harassment laws of the State of California. Generally, a person has to get permission from this agency to bring the lawsuit attempting to enforce the FEHA laws. There is a wealth of information there. There are some intricacies to filling in the forms properly, so be sure to talk with us before you do so.

Sacramento Public Law Library

Located near the courthouse, the law library has made tremendous strides in recent years to make delivery of legal information to the public user-friendly. Their Self Help Center has guides to about every legal challenge anyone could face. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Use of the library is free.


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