Zahid Sher Fareed

Head of Client Liaison

Zahid Sher Fareed, our esteemed Head of Client Liaison at United Citizen Law, is nothing short of the engine that powers our firm's success. His contributions are invaluable, and his multifaceted talents make him an indispensable asset to our team. Zahid's academic foundation includes a BA in History from California State University, Sacramento, but it's his unwavering dedication and passion for both family and life beyond the office that truly set him apart.

Within our firm, Zahid plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our clients receive the utmost care and attention. His commitment to their needs reflects his unwavering commitment to his own family. As a loving father to his three children and a dedicated husband to his wife, Zahid wears these roles with unwavering pride, and his family's happiness is of paramount importance to him.

But Zahid's life isn't solely defined by his professional responsibilities. He leads a rich and meaningful life outside the office, driven by a boundless zest for life. You might find him at the gym, dedicated to achieving personal fitness goals, or sharing quality moments with his son, imparting valuable life skills as they build and fix things together. Zahid's love for the great outdoors comes to life when he embarks on hikes with his cherished family, creating lasting memories amidst nature's beauty.

What truly sets Zahid apart is the mirror image of his commitment to our clients in his dedication to his loved ones. It's a testament to his pursuit of excellence in every facet of life, and this passion for enriching the lives of those around him is what makes him such a valuable and cherished member of our team. Zahid Sher Fareed is not just a professional; he's a genuine force for positive change in both the workplace and the lives of those he touches.


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