Case Results

Pedestrian Accident – Recovery

$300,000 recovery for a mother and her children who were struck by a vehicle while jaywalking through a busy intersection. We were successful despite police report and eye witnesses holding the client responsible for causing the accident.


Disability Claim—Settlement

Large recovery in a disability case after the insurance company denied the claim of an insurance agent. Sam Fareed was not only able to change the insurance companies’ position but was able to go back many years and recovery a substantial sum for his client.


Uninsured Motorist-Recovery

$40,000 recovery on behalf of a client who was fired by her attorney.


Confidential Injury-Settlement

Confidential settlement on an injury case where Sam and his team had to get creative to get the desired results.

$50,000 Policy Limit Settlement 

On a denied liability claim where Sam and his team successfully established speed on the bullet vehicle that had the right of way to who t-boned Sam’s client.