Daniel Pesola


In his professional capacity, Daniel Pesola serves as a dedicated Paralegal at United Citizen Law, playing a pivotal role in our team’s success. His meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail make him an indispensable asset, particularly in handling the demanding calendar and schedule management for Sam, our principal attorney.

Daniel’s academic foundation was meticulously built at Sacramento City College, providing him with the knowledge and expertise necessary for his role in the legal field. Beyond his educational achievements, however, lies a world of passions that truly set him apart.

An ardent hiker and backpacker, Daniel seeks solace and adventure amidst the rugged beauty of nature’s hiking trails. The tranquility of alpine lakes and the challenge of conquering wilderness terrains fuel his spirit and provide him with the balance needed to excel in his demanding professional role. Yet, Daniel’s creativity knows no bounds. When he steps indoors, he delves into the world of literature, immersing himself in the pages of captivating books that further enrich his intellect and imagination. Additionally, his artistic side comes to life as he composes captivating music on his PC, a testament to his creative prowess.

Daniel’s multifaceted interests not only reflect his commitment to legal excellence but also his unwavering dedication to maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life outside the office. He embodies the belief that a well-rounded individual contributes immeasurably to the success of any team.


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