Jesse Fareed

Office Clerk

Meet Jesse Fareed, our diligent Office Clerk at United Citizen Law, whose multifaceted interests, and diverse background bring a unique and enriching dimension to our team. Jesse’s educational foundation from Sacramento City College is just the beginning of his remarkable journey.

Outside the realm of law, Jesse’s passion for culture and entertainment radiates brightly. He is not only an advocate for these interests but also a connoisseur, embracing the arts and humanities with enthusiasm. This rich appreciation for culture and entertainment adds a distinctive touch to our team’s dynamic.

During his leisure hours, Jesse immerses himself in the timeless charm of oldie movies, relishing the nostalgia they evoke and the stories they tell. Additionally, he finds solace in the soothing melodies of classical music, letting the harmonious notes transport him to a world of beauty and tranquility. As autumn leaves fall and the season takes on a spine-tingling aura, Jesse’s enthusiasm for spine-tingling experiences comes to life, making him a true aficionado of all things scary. His diverse tastes and willingness to explore the depths of culture and entertainment enrich both his personal life and his contributions to our team.


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