November 4, 2022--

Should I See a Doctor After an Auto Accident Even If I Feel Fine?

Auto accidents are incredibly traumatic experiences that often leave both the drivers as well as the passengers with multiple minor and major injuries. Even if you are unsure whether you got hurt, you could still be suffering from invisible injuries that could get worse if left untreated. Seeking medical care as quickly as possible following an accident preserves your legal right to solicit compensation for your losses and injuries, in addition to being vital for your health and well-being.

As a result, United Citizen Law’s skilled car accident attorneys in Sacramento constantly advise injured victims to visit the hospital or their doctors promptly after the mishap.

Why Is It Crucial to Seek Prompt Medical Attention After an Accident?

To see a doctor after an auto accident, even if you feel fine, is essential to address physical injuries and support your personal injury claim. Here’s why it’s critical to get medical care, even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt:

  • Not All Injuries Are Apparent: Some minor symptoms like headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain may indicate life-threatening injuries such as concussions, brain damage, or spinal injuries. If left untreated, these injuries have the potential to go undiagnosed and possibly worsen over some time. So, if you don’t believe you were injured, a doctor may be able to detect something you weren’t able to see or feel at the accident scene.
  • Delayed Injuries: Be mindful of delayed injury symptoms. Some injuries may manifest over days, weeks, or even months. Your body may hide pain and injury for several days due to the initial shock. A surge in adrenaline that shuts pain receptors is to blame. As a result, an injury that first seems small might develop into a catastrophic one. Receiving prompt medical care helps in accurately diagnosing and treating the injuries. Any concealed injuries will be prevented from manifesting and spreading. Additionally, any opportunity for insurance companies to undervalue your claim will be eliminated.
  • Documentation Of Your Injuries: Getting immediate medical attention can help you document your injuries and back up your claim. Medical records play a pivotal role in seeking compensation; the earlier you can begin documenting your injuries, the better.

Insurance companies can utilize delay in treatment to their advantage. They will attempt to reduce or outright deny your claim by arguing that since you delayed seeking medical attention, your injuries are not as severe as you are claiming.

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